Etude series 3-bottle set Sakimidori, Matsuju, Yabukita each in a 500ml box

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Single-origin teas from the same production area, the same tea plantation, and the same variety, but even if the harvest date is off by just one day, the flavor will be different.

The Etude series is a product bottled by tea masters who have determined the optimal harvest date and made the most of the subtle and attractive characteristics of tea.
In contrast to cheap tea leaves, use only highly rare spring-picked tea leaves ,
We use only tea leaves with a refinement level of 50% or less, which is higher than the general tea precision of 70-80%.
The company's unique method of extraction is also used at the optimum temperature to bring out the best aroma that cannot be obtained with low temperature extraction.
Enjoy the condensed flavor of the harvested tea leaves.

Among the Etude series, we have prepared three unique sets that you can enjoy drinking and comparing.

Sakimidori: This variety is characterized by its bright green color.

Shoju: A scent reminiscent of vanilla and a unique flavor.

Yabukita: A classic roasted tea flavor.

Recommended for days when you want a little luxury at home, or as a gift.



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