The most intense green tea in the world "Unprecedented" tea bags 3.9g x 40 bags with paulownbox

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Maruchichinseicha(our greentea company), which pursues quality standards, has been created as a culmination of more than 100 years of experience, knowledge and know-how in tea production. Super high quality tea leaves, which are not commonly distributed as authentic leaf tea products brewed in teapots, are delivered in tea bags.

When the autumn harvest is over, Japanese tea will not be harvested for about half a year, and will continue to store nutrition in the ground while taking a long period of dormancy, and with the visit of the warm spring, the shoots will be full.

The charm of Japanese tea is that it contains plenty of delicious ingredients to harvest nutrient-rich shoots that have been firmly stored during the winter, and produces a rich taste that is rare in the world. The secret of this deliciousness is a type of amino acid, which is an umami ingredient, a substance called theanine, which is unique to tea, and tea with a high value is rich in deliciousness.

When this ingredient is measured with a tea-specific ingredient analyzer, it shows an unusually high number to shake off the limiter, and the umami ingredient, which represents deliciousness, has an inimitable content, leading to the name "unheard of".

For home use, of course, it is put in a paulownia box so that it can be used for celebrations, gifts for loved ones, and souvenirs for business partners.

A bright, beautiful green light blue that you can see at the moment of brewing, a touching taste that spreads in your mouth with "Wa" if you take a bite.

Please enjoy this exceptional tea and enjoy a special moment.



Content: 3.9g×40 bags

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