KAWANE Shizu 7132 720ml Boxed

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The Kawane area, upstream of the Oi River in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where the steam locomotive runs, produces high-quality, astringent tea that is unique to the mountainous area created by the river fog. It has long been one of Shizuoka's leading producers of fine tea, and consistently ranks high in the sencha category at tea fairs, and even today it produces top-notch products. Among them, Ieyama district, which is famous for the cherry blossom tunnel, was made using only Shizuka 7132, a unique variety. This tea contains an aromatic component called coumarin, which is contained in cherry leaves, and you can enjoy the same scent that you feel when you eat sakuramochi. It is recommended that you serve it lightly chilled with appetizers that have a mild flavor to bring out the arrival of spring.



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