Gyokuro GOKO 500ml Boxed

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Gyokuro is made from only 0.3% of Japanese tea. Among the gyokuro, which is synonymous with high-quality tea, only the extremely rare variety "Gokou" (0.2% of the tea farm produced) is used, and the gyokuro is brewed to fully bring out the umami with its unique aroma and bottle it. From the temperature range that is said to be the optimum temperature, we repeated trial productions of the optimum temperature for brewing this tea leaf, and came up with 41.8 ℃ for 3 minutes. We carefully bring out the umami of the tea and bring out only the taste of the first infusion so as not to mix unnecessary miscellaneous flavors and astringency. Relax and enjoy the flavor of the finest tea leaves without the difficulty of brewing delicious tea.



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