Deep steamed tea bag 3g x 20 bags (BOX type)

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It is made with a deep steaming method that steams fresh leaves mainly from Shimada City for a long time, and has a gentle astringency and rich umami flavor while retaining the scent of fresh young leaves.


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Shizuoka tea has a variety of unique production areas, from Hamamatsu in the west to Fuji in the east. Making use of the flavor of the tea leaves of each production area, we change the steaming condition and knead and dry to bring out the umami. In addition, the finished product is made by roasting pasteurization that further utilizes such individuality.

 The two-digit numbers listed on the product classify the degree of steaming of the freshly harvested leaves into 7 levels, and further classify this "burning" level into 7 levels. It represents the degree of each. We hope that you can appreciate each flavor and choose your favorite flavor, and enjoy the compatibility with meals and sweets, and make your tea time richer.



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