Etude series 2-piece set shoju/Kirari 31

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Single-origin teas from the same production area, the same tea plantation, and the same variety, but even if the harvest date is off by just one day, the flavor will be different.

The Etude series is a product bottled by tea masters who have determined the optimal harvest date and made the most of the subtle and attractive characteristics of tea.
In contrast to cheap tea leaves, use only highly rare spring-picked tea leaves ,
We use only tea leaves with a refinement level of 50% or less, which is higher than the general tea precision of 70-80%.
The company's unique method of extraction is also used at the optimum temperature to bring out the best aroma that cannot be obtained with low temperature extraction.
Enjoy the condensed flavor of the harvested tea leaves.

We have prepared two types of sets that are perfect for gifts in the Etude series.

Matsuju: A rare variety that is not found in Tanegashima, and the name of the variety, which has the auspicious character for “Kotobuki”, is derived from the name of the lady of Tanegashima. There is also a scent reminiscent of oranges in the scent, making it a popular tea for women.

Kirari 31:Both of the rare cultivars ``Sakimidori'' and ``Saemidori'' are the parents of this variety.
It was named with the expectation that it will be a cultivar that shines.

Both teas have a deep story, and many people use them for celebrations, as gifts , and toasts at receptions.
Why don't you deliver not only the ultimate taste and aroma, but also the thought that goes into the tea?





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